Fire And Electrical Emergencies


 Fire And Electrical EmergenciesFire and electrical safety training courses have one main goal which is to teach you what to do in case of an emergency. What you learn during this training will be useful throughout your life, at work as well as at home.Fire kits here

Fire safety tips: Call the fire department to notify them of the fire. If the fire is at your workplace, try to notify your supervisors as well. Help others who are in the midst of the fire and try to get them away from the fire as soon as possible. Those people who are slow or are panicking must be helped first to get to safety.Use the closest exit to get out. Remember never use a lift during fire emergencies. It can be very dangerous. Close all door and windows in order to contain the fire and prevent it from spreading. Electrical Safety tips: Electrical emergencies comprise of two outcomes, fires and electric shocks. The safety plan for electrical fires is basically similar to the one mentioned above. As soon as you become aware of an electrical emergency, call 911 to call for an ambulance and fire engine, if needed. Also notify the authorities so they can get help.